Welcome to Delta Rivals!

Welcome to Delta Rivals~!

This is a “private server” of the popular and just plain awesome game known as Ace Online (AKA Air Rivals and Space Cowboy Online)

Personally I don’t know why fan made servers are called private servers… In my opinion its strange.

Anyway, this server is still new and unfortunately we only have one or two people working on the server and one on the site (me). We still have a few bugs/glitches here and there but the “Happy Hour” is awesome.

If you’ve played Air Rivals you should know what I’m talking about, Happy Hour includes war point bonuses EXP bonuses and occasionally SPI (in game currency). Happy Hour in this server on the other hand, lasts for much more than an hour… in fact this is unlimited!

If you like action flying games (think of Ace Combat for example) this game could easily be the kind of game you wanna play.

However, it does have a sci-fi side to it. Including trips to the moon: Eopi and the large galactic colonization star ship: G-ARK.

The game is very exciting and more info and promo videos to come~!